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Residential Window Cleaning

The traditional method of window cleaning is by far the best way of cleaning, as the windows are left clean and dry with any water wiped away. This is done by the window cleaner applying soapy water to the window with an applicator and then cleaning it off manually with the use of a squeegee. Then the window sill, frame and edges are wiped down with a clean cloth leaving a perfectly clean window every time.

Most of our regular clients include the conservatory or Orangery to be cleaned at the same time when having their windows cleaned. However in most instances the conservatory roof is a separate clean and normally an appointment is arranged to come and clean the roof, We recommend that you should have your conservatory roof cleaned least twice a year and we can add this to our rota for you,; usually we would do this with your March and October window cleans for you.

If your conservatory or Orangery is not included in your regular window clean or you do not have a regular window clean we would recommend our deep cleaning service.


What is included in our deep cleaning of Conservatories & Orangeries?

  • All external roof panel surfaces & roof bars cleaned & polished
  • All finials and cresting’s cleaned
  • All external windows and doors
  • Check & clean all guttering and down pipes
  • All UPVC or wood work cleaned & polished

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