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YES – we have £10M of cover and copies of our latest Insurance Certification is available on request

6 Ways to Pay – you can pay cash or cheque when we clean, standing order, online bank transfer, cheque by post, PayPal, debit/credit card

Great Question! – we always say you should never notice dirty windows – if you do, you need us more often – at the correct frequency, your windows should always look clean

NO – we never ever use sub-contractors – all our team are on our payroll

YES – health and safety is hugely important to us and a copy of our Policy is available on request

YES – we have a series of documents and some examples are available on request

YES – we have General Window Cleaning Risk Assessment and Method Statements and we produce site-specific versions for new clients

YES – we have a Health & Safety Committee, the chair of which (a member of our team) changes annually. Everybody has the opportunity for input and everyone completes a Team Consultation Form

  • YES – all our ladders are checked DAILY by each team on return to the office after the day’s work is completed. Each team also completes a check of the Inventory in their vehicle to ensure all equipment is safe and ready for use the following working day.


On commercial properties we clean using traditional methods where possible. We obviously use water fed pole systems on larger buildings where its necessary to reach all the windows and we are able to reach up to 120feet using this method!

YES & NO! –ON residential properties we are traditional window cleaners using window mops and squeegee blades and we use ladders. On a small number of occasions, there are hard-to-reach windows such as those above an unsafe structure. In these circumstances there is no other way than using a pole system BUT we try ALL we can to clean everything without the use of pole systems-we don’t like them and we have them ONLY for where there’s no alternative.